Terms and conditions of delivery


We try to do our best and ship your order as soon as possible. Usually this happens within two business days after receipt of payment. Everything is shipping via Australia Post and we usually do shipping 3 times a week: Monday, Wednesday and Friday, mostly at lunch time.

Shipping by partners

Some of the items, such as socks, are shipped by our partners

Bamboozld socks

Once ordered, shipped at the end of the week by Bamboozld people themselves.
Orders having Bamboozld socks will include an extra flat rate shipping fee of A$10. If you order 4 pairs or more, the fee will be waived.

Shipping Times

Official post times and the times from our experience doesn't match. Australian customers should receive their order in 2-10 business days. International orders take much longer, as Australia is quite far away from anywhere in terms of shipping. Usually it takes 2-3 weeks for your order to arrive, but sometimes it needs 4 weeks to US. We don't have the same statistics for every other country, but it is similar. It is faster to New Zealand and then there are countries that from our experience are a bit slow with mail. If you are in South/Central Americas, Russia, Canada or Israel give it 5 weeks before loosing a hope.


We pack all prints and cards with the cardboard and we use tubes for A3 and A2 prints. Some postman squeeze mail into small post boxes, so we usually write "please do not bend" on the envelope.
If you buy A4 prints together with A3 prints, they'll come in a tube as well. If you buy A3 print and some cards... Oh that always is a problem to pack, but we try to find the solution.
This is annoying thing with some postmen - if we don't write - please do not bent, they bend it. But if we write this - seems like some angry postmen bend it on purpose :D And we can't add a lot of extra cardboard because it makes parcel heavier and more expensive to ship. If you have any ideas - feel free to share!

Damaged goods

We've shipped prints to different ends of the world and only few out of more than 1000 orders got a little damage like slightly bend corner (read the part about angry postmen), so the chances are very rare. If it happens - please contact as at info@surfingsloth.com.au and we'll find a way out of that.


Bigger items like A3 or A2 prints are shipping with tracking within Australia. However, smaller items and international orders do not have one by default. If you'd like the tracking, please, let us know BEFORE purchasing. But it costs way too much for many things.

Wrong address

Always check the address before making the payment. If you noticed that the address is wrong and order is not shipped yet, you can still send us a message at info@surfingsloth.com.au.
If the parcel is sent to the wrong address and is returned, it can be shipped again for additional shipping fee.

Lost parcels

If the parcel doesn't arrive within 2 weeks in Australia and 5 weeks anywhere else we consider it as lost. If this has happened, please, check if the given address is correct. If it is correct, contact us at info@surfingsloth.com.au to decide what is the next step.