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Sloths and plant pots.



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Alright! I wanted to make gift wrapping paper for ages because I love paper. So tada! Here it is. All pink with sloths and plant pots.

For wrapping that perfect gift. Or to use as a fancy book cover for the best look in the bookshelf. Or for wallpapering the small wall. Or a giant origami. For some classy decoupage. Or anything else for personal use (not for re-selling). Or just frame and hang as a strange artwork. I believe people hang much stranger things on their walls.

For wrapping gifts - use a washi tape or a ribbon to keep it together, so later it can be reused for some fun craft again. Because reusing is love.

Strong opaque matte paper for keeping the secret till last minute.70x50cm - enough for a small shoebox (not the one for hiking boots) or large magazine, for two paperback novels.

Comes flat folded half 3 times to fit an envelope.

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